We are open to and serve all the YMCA mission calls us to with the belief that every individual is divinely created and as such is unique and worthy of respect. Living a full life means developing positive relationships with everyone, but especially the neglected and under-served. Inclusion is a value promoted at the YMCA.

We seek to include those in financial need. As a charity, the YMCA promotes the importance of fund raising. All members are asked to contribute to our Community Support Campaign which funds financial assistance for those individuals and or families who temporarily or permanently cannot afford to pay all or part of YMCA membership or program dues.

How is the financial assistance amount determined?
A sliding fee scale based on your household income and the number of people living in your household.

When will I receive the financial assistance?
Please submit your application at least two weeks before you want it to begin. We will check availability for the program you desire. Two weeks is the longest amount of time it will take to process. Generally, your notification will be ready to pick up at the front desk within 10-14 days.

Can I re-apply?
You may re-apply for continuing facility membership, additional program sessions or for other programs. Please re-apply one month before the desired start date.

Who will know I am receiving financial assistance?
The YMCA keeps your financial disclosures confidential.  You may be asked to share your Community Support story with other YMCA members.  This is done at your discretion.

How do I apply for financial assistance?
Please see member services for an application or download it here.  Proof of income is required with the application.  Your proof can be your most current tax return.  If you are receiving any public assistance, please include proof of that.  The member services staff will make any copies for you.

Download Financial Assistance Form